Ground Handling Equipment

Fuel / Oils

Jet A1 F35.    Pressure refuels and nozzle refuels are available. Fuel system Icing Inhibitor is available as an additive.

Avgas 100LL  (available duty free for aircraft going abroad)

For your convenience all fuel is supplied by our refuellers from our fleet of mobile bowsers.

We have a large stock of oils available from customer services in the following grades:-

  • Straight oils 80 & 100
  • Multi-grade 15W50
  • As well as W(D) 80 & W(D) 100
  • All oil is supplied with free cardboard funnels where required.


Aircraft Handling

Ground power / Engine start-ups

Mobile ground power is available with an operator and we are able to supply 28 VDC (direct current) and 200 VAC (alternating current).

Aircraft engine starts are available for all aircraft using either 12 or 28 volt as well as those who require Air Starts.

Toilet servicing

We are able to empty pressure and gravity toilet systems and sanitizer refills are available.

Potable water is available.

Aircraft Towing / Pushback

We have a range of tugs available including:

“Liftow” Tow-bar-less Tug for aircraft up to 25 Tonnes

Tugs and tow-bars for aircraft up to 50 Tonnes (please contact us for specific details)

Air Stairs for aircraft up to Boeing 737 / Airbus A320 size

Belt Loader for aircraft up to Boeing 737 / Airbus A320 size

We have the facility for International Food Waste disposal.

Aircraft De-icing

We have an aircraft de-icer able to carry 3750 litres of de-icing fluid and able to service aircraft up to Boeing 737 / Airbus A320 size.
Type 1 fluid is available.

In addition for smaller aircraft we have AeroShell Compound 07 applied via backpack available.

Tie downs are available on request.

Helicopter “rotas running” refuels are only available to emergency service aircraft on task.