Flight Planning

Pilots are welcome to file their own flight plans using their own AFPEx, Rocketroute or Skydemon account, ensuring that the address EGMDZTZX is included in the address bar. Please allow 30 minutes in advance of departure for VFR Flight plans and 1 Hour for IFR Flight plans to ensure that they are in the system and delays can be avoided.

Alternatively, Lydd Airport ATC has access to the AFTN system and is able to file Flight Plans on behalf of our customers.

Only 30 minutes filing time is required for VFR flights. Simply fax to Lydd ATC  and then phone ATC on +44 (0) 1797 320881  to check that the FPL has been received, it is acceptable and to resolve any queries. (This applies during the hours of watch of ATC only).

ATC will automatically file the DEP message so there is no need for you to request this by RTF.